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Toni Burns

Senior Spotlight: Mrs. Davis’ Students

The final countdown has started. Tyrone students just entered the fourth marking period, and for the class of 2017, this is the last of their days here at Tyrone Area School District. Senior Spotlights have been given all year, but each senior deserves to be recognized for completing this milestone.

Mrs. Davis started teaching at Tyrone Area School District in August and has loved the students and class since the moment she walked into the room.

Individuality is a key component to her classroom as each student has their own schedule to follow. Some students may be there all day, and others may only go for a single class.

The seniors have been apart of many exciting events this year such as a Christmas Dinner for the administration, delivering papers, and going on outside trips to local businesses.

Students also learn necessary life skills. Money management, cleaning, cooking and healthy choices are among many of the skills practiced.

This year, six seniors will leave the classroom and go out into the world.

Four out of the six seniors in her class spoke to the Eagle Eye about their high school experience and post graduation plans.

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Andrew Beam
Ethan Naylor
Kent Green
Kara Weyant