Photo illustration by Mackenzie Hyde

The Eagle Eye asked students at TAHS to reflect on the past year. These are some of their most interesting answers.

Same as it Never Was: A Reflection on Our Pandemic Year

On March 13, 2020, our lives eternally changed.

On that day, Tyrone Area High School students attended their last day of in-person school for the 2019-2020 academic year. More than a year later, we are still facing the repercussions of COVID-19. Over 580,000 Americans have died and over 32.7 million others are dealing with the aftermath of contracting the disease.

For Tyrone High School, COVID-19 has caused much change and uncertainty. Beginning the 2020-2021 school year with part-time in-person classes, switching to full in-person classes in October, back to fully online learning in November,  then part-time again in January, and back to full in-person learning in March shows that not a dull moment has passed for the students, teachers, and staff of Tyrone.

In March 2021, The Eagle Eye asked students to share how COVID-19 has affected them and their families and their personal thoughts about this historic year.

The Eagle Eye received more than 300 responses. Twenty-four of the best and most interesting responses are published below. Click on the portrait to read each student’s responses.  Share your own reflections and memories in the comments.

Katelyn Adams
Lucia Isenberg
Aliza Yazzie
Colton Veres
Dean Grassi
Dylan Brower
Vivian Sciarrillo
John Isenberg
Baylee Mertiff
Emma Dibert
Paige Grager
Kairigan Sible
Nathaniel Patterson
Ashlynn McKinney
Maci Brodzina
Lydia Seltzer
Elijah Knarr
Stephanie Ramsey
Ryan Patterson
Kendall Markley
Isabella Rhoades
Sara Herr
Hannah Johnston
Mario Grugan