Terry McCaulley

Rory Quigley

Rory Quigley

Eagle Eye: How many years have you been a member of the Cross Country team?

Rory Quigley: 4 years

EE: Why did you start running Cross Country?

RQ: I was interested in getting better at running.

EE: What was your favorite part about the sport?

RQ: Finishing a race and relaxing on the bus ride home

EE: What is your favorite memory from Cross Country?

RQ: Stopping at McDonald’s and watching someone get arrested

EE: How has running Cross Country impacted your life?

RQ: It’s gotten me ready for the military.

EE: What was your favorite thing to eat before a meet?

RQ: Pasta

EE: What was your favorite course to run?

RQ: Altoona

EE: What are your plans after high school?

RQ: Marine Corps, Law Enforcement

EE: Do you plan to keep running in your free time?

RQ: Yes

EE: Advice for future runners:

RQ: Drink water, and make a workout routine.