Rebekah Schleppy: First Place


Q & A with first place winner Rebekah Schleppy


EE: Why did you enter the short story contest?

RS: Because after I wrote it, I was very happy with my work and I wanted to share it with others.

EE: What inspired the story?

RS: Well I have always been interested in the Vietnam War and thinking about what these soldiers went through is what inspired the story.

EE: How long did it take to write?

RS: About two weeks

EE: What do you like about it?

RS: I liked that I got to use my creativity to write a story, and controlled what happens in it.

EE: Which other stories were your favorite? Why?

RS: Even though her short story didn’t make it into the contest, my favorite was “The Waiting Room,” by Hilari Parsons

EE: Are you surprised that you won?

RS: Yes, I was surprised because the other short stories were really good!

EE: What are you going to spend your Sheetz money on?

RS: I’m going to use it to buy gas for my car.

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