Levi Walk

Photo Editors: Levi Walk

Hi, have a moment? My name is Levi Walk. Add a “photography” on the end there and type that into the Instagram search bar and you’ll see two things: a driven, dedicated photographer and a plethora of colorful, well-composed photos. Hard work, coupled with an insatiable appetite for success, helped me to propel myself into the position of your friendly school news photo editor (I know it’s dramatic. Don’t take me too seriously). My goal as the Eagle Eye Photo Editor is to provide exceptional quality photos for EVERYONE in the school community. From the overlooked groups in the school to the notorious Friday night fighters. This is my second year as a member of the Eagle Eye following a two year hiatus. I pray you have a blessed day and remember, it’s LeviWalkPhotography.

EE: What do you hope to accomplish as an editor this year?

Provide good quality photos for everyone to enjoy.

EE: What are your other extra curricular activities?

Quiz league, Eagle Eye, Hustling, Speech Team.

EE: How many years have you been in Eagle Eye?

2 years

EE: Post graduation plans?

Major in fine arts with a focus in photography. 

EE: What are you looking forward to covering this year for the website?

Photo of the week, all pictures for Eagle Eye and at least one shameless plug for the week.


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