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Max Pixils

Monuments and Memorials

In Washington D.C. there is a number of monuments you can go to for free.

The Washington Monument

The monument was built in honor of George Washington, and is built as one of the tallest building in the world.

Lincoln Memorial

This memorial was built for Abraham Lincoln, and it a symbol of strength, unity, and wisdom.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

The memorial was built for the founding father Thomas Jefferson, and is in straight line with the White House.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

This memorial was built for FDR, and is connected to the National Park Service.

Albert Einstein Memorial

The memorial was built in memory of Albert Einstein, and is made of bronze.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

The memorial is a part of the National Mall and Memorial Parks, and is in honor Martin Luther King Jr.

Korean War Veterans Memorial

The memorial is built in honor of the people who are called to defend our country.

World War II Memorial

This memorial is a bronze sculpture to recognize the Americans who served.