Front Row (L-R): Lauren Taylor, Taylor Hunter, Heather Osterhout, Lillian Wise, Emma Hoover, Jayden Graham, Olivia Watson, Meghan McMullen, Olivia Barr, Haylee Blowers, and Anna Beck Back Row (L-R): Haley Conrad, Hannah Gampe, Ava McCracken, Mya Romano, Sydney Shaw, Kylee Gooding, Megan Tepsic, Ava Focht, Sarah Meyer, Brooke Welsh, and Aaryanna Wright

Meet the 2018 TAHS Homecoming Court

This year, there are 22 nominees for the 2018 Homecoming Court. Two of the nominees will receive the honor of being named the 2018 Homecoming Queen and Princess at the annual Homecoming Football game on October 12, 2018.

The Homecoming Queen and Court are more than just a popularity contest at Tyrone.

Nominees must be involved in the school community and demonstrate a commitment to community service in order to be nominated for this special honor.

Members of the Homecoming Court were selected by the coaches or advisers of any of the clubs, extracurricular organizations and sports teams at Tyrone High School. Each club, sport, and organization received one nomination.

Once nominated, each member of the court is required to decorate a can to solicit donations for their chosen charity at all lunches. They must also go through an interview process conducted by TAHS faculty and staff. There is also a popular vote for grades nine through twelve during advisory, and there will also be a penny-a-vote held on Monday the 8th, Tuesday the 9th, and Wednesday the 10th.

The can originality/creativity judging, penny-a-vote, and popular vote, and interviews are all on a point system. Each part of the process is used to determine who is crowned Queen, Princess, second, and third runner-ups.

Aevidum- Haley Conrad
Basketball- Sydney Shaw
Cheerleading- Mya Romano
Concert Choir- Lillian Wise
Drama Club- Ava Focht
Eagle Eye: Lauren Taylor
FFA- Haylee Blowers
GACTC- Taylor Hunter
Golden Revolution- Jayden Graham
HOSA- Olivia Barr
Mock Trial- Meghan McMullen
National Honor Society- Emma Hoover
POPS Extension- Hannah Gampe
Quiz League- Sarah Meyer
Renaissance- Heather Osterhout
Soccer- Aaryanna Wright
Softball- Megan Tepsic
Tennis- Ava McCracken
Track and Field- Brooke Welsh
Volleyball- Kylee Gooding
YAN- Olivia Watson
Yearbook- Anna Beck

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