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Kimberlin was highlighted for the positivity he brings to the school through his outgoing personality.

Matthew Kimberlin

“What more can I say about Mr. K?  Everyone loves his wild antics and the positivity he brings to the school.  I can tell you that behind the elf outfits and “free mint Fridays,” Mr. K is a fierce advocate for all kids.  He is especially passionate about getting students back on track, when they have had bumps in the road.  I have seen him connect with students who have struggled with attendance, grades, anxiety, and grief.  Mr. K’s core value is to put people first, and this is evident in the way he builds relationships with students, colleagues, and parents,” said Tyrone Middle School Principal Shane Cowher. 

Eagle Eye: What does working within the Tyrone school district mean to you?

Matthew Kimberlin: I truly am fortunate to have secured a job in this district. We have so many talented people who work here, it’s a small district and one where our personalities and beliefs are able to shine, unlike larger districts where staff members are often “lost” amongst the huge number of employees. In addition, it allows me to build strong and healthy relationships with my coworkers as well as the students and families I work with every day.

EE: How have you gone above and beyond to help your students?

MK: I’m no different than the rest of my colleagues. We show up every day hoping to make the lives of our students better.

EE: What is your favorite thing about working with students?

MK: I get so much satisfaction watching students overcome the challenges they face. Whether the challenges are academic, personal, or related to family situations or friendships, I’m such a fan of perseverance and watching a student achieve despite being confronted by obstacles is truly a joy to be a part of.

EE: What is the most important part of your job?

MK: Building healthy, lasting relationships with students

EE: Who inspired you to become the teacher or staff member you are? 

MK: I can’t say that I was inspired by anyone in particular. I was a high school dropout who had to endure a lot of challenges that I created myself and have persevered through those challenges. I wanted to reach out to other kids who were in similar situations and let them know they too could achieve their goals…

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