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Makenzie Stauffer – Air Force

November 11, 2019

Eagle Eye: When and why did you decide to join the military?

Makenzie Stauffer: “I always wanted to be in the military but wasn’t sure if I wanted to enlist or commission. It wasn’t until my senior year when I decided to just jump all in and enlist and leave that summer.”

EE: Why did you choose the branch of the military you are in?

MS: “Most of my family was Army, and told me to go Air Force instead. After doing research, talking to recruiters, and taking the ASVAB, I decided to go Air Force.”

EE: Tell us a little bit about your basic training experience.

MS: “It was a crazy eight and a half weeks. Most of it runs together. Wake up, do PT, inhale your food, and do what you’re told. You make some of the closest friends and meet people from all different walks of life.”

EE: If you are in active duty, what is your experience so far?

MS: “I’ve been active duty for almost two and a half years and I don’t regret it one bit. You’ll make friends that turn into your family. Being far from home has its disadvantages but its not too bad. I’ve gotten to do and see a lot of cool stuff thanks to the military.”

EE: What advice would you give for students thinking of joining the military?

MS: “Recruiters will tell you everything you want to hear. My advice is talking to someone from the branch you are thinking about joining and pick their brain.”

EE: What are your future goals? What specific job in your branch do you hope to do?

MS: “Right now I’m security forces. I’m almost done with my associates in criminal justice and I’m working on my bachelor’s in healthcare administration. When I’m finished with my AD contract, I plan on getting my masters in healthcare administration or a bachelors in nursing. I hope to commission into the healthcare field when I get my bachelors.”


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