Rachel Stricek

Lindsey Walk gets ready to hit a forehand.

Lindsey Walk: Girls Tennis

When did you start playing?:

I started the summer into my freshman year

How did you become involved with this sport?:

It was always a sport I wanted to learn how to play. Then, when I got the 

opportunity, I joined the team.

What is your favorite memory from this sport?:

My favorite memory would probably be my win against Grier my junior year. We 

went into 3 sets and it was a tough match, but I ended up winning overall. Also, 

all of the friendships I have created and all the hours I spent with those girls 

during matches, practice and meals. I’ve become so close with so many girls and I will be forever grateful for those friendships.

What are you planning on doing after high school?:

I plan on attending college and becoming a physician assistant, and possibly playing in 


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