The Voice of the Tyrone Area High School

Ashlynn Mckinney

Treasurer Jason Barr

Jason Barr

Treasurer Jason Barr:

EE: Why did you run for class office?

JB: ¨I felt like it was a important role I would like to do.¨

EE: What is your job as a class officer?

JB: ¨As treasurer I should be incharge of finances.¨

EE: What do you wish to achieve as a class officer?

JB: ¨I’d like to make our senior year as enjoyable as possible.¨

EE: How do you feel about being a class officer or your class?

JB: ¨I feel like its a honor to represent such a distinguished class.¨

EE: How will you represent your school?

JB: ¨By representing our school with class and respect to set a example for the under classmen.¨