Isabella Rhoades

Isabella Rhoades

Name: Isabella Rhoades

Grade: 11

How has the pandemic affected your life?

I am a part of the Drama Club and we were not able to perform our musical “Newsies” last year. Drama Club didn’t even get the opportunity to do a musical this year because of Covid. It was devastating. Pops Extension was not able to have a Christmas concert this year, which is my favorite part of the year.

What have you learned as a result of the pandemic?

I have learned that we shouldn’t take school for granted. Everyone always complains about having to go to school, but I think everyone has learned to appreciate in-person learning over the course of the year. The school would be so much harder without the teachers and staff that are constantly helping us improve.

What worries are you experiencing now? How are you currently coping?

I have started to worry about senior year. The class of 2021 has lost so many moments that underclassman looks forward to. It’s absolutely devastating.

What are some positive things that have come out of the pandemic?

I’ve learned a lot about myself and about my friends. During a pandemic, you really begin to learn who your real friends are.

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope that everyone can learn to appreciate the people around them more, and learn that life is extremely short. Take the time to enjoy life and the time you have with your friends and family. Don’t take things for granted.

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