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Grace Petterson

Grace Peterson

Eagle Eye: How many years have you been a member of the track team?

Grace Peterson: 5 years

EE: Why did you start running track?

GP: I wanted to join a sport but not run, so I became a thrower.

EE: What was your favorite part about the sport?

GP: Nothing really.

EE: What is your favorite memory from track?

GP: Being really good friends with all the throwers freshman year.

EE: Do you have any superstitions before a track meet? If so, what are they?

GP: None, I just throw.

EE: What was your favorite thing to eat before a meet?

GP: Food.

EE: What was your favorite track/meet to run at?

GP: Honestly, all of the throwing pits kinda suck so ours.

EE: What are your plans after high school?

GP: Attend Penn State to major in environmental engineering. I want to work in water conservation and protection.

EE: Do you plan to keep running in your free time?

GP: No, I never was a runner, but I want to keep working out and lifting.

EE: Advice for future runners:

GP: I don’t have much but throwers: don’t forget your equipment on the bus.