Elizabeth Fryer

How long have you been dancing for? 14 years total. 3 years on the competition team. 

Where do you dance? Dance Fusion 

What is your favorite style of dance? Modern or Jazz 

Who is your biggest inspiration in dance? My dad would have to be my biggest inspiration in dance. He’s taught me so many life lessons and has been through a lot but he keeps going and teaches me to be open-minded and continue doing what I love. 

What is something you are going to miss the most? I am going to miss all of my teammates. We have made so many memories, been through so much, and have learned many new aspects of life together as a team, group, and as sisters. It really is one of the best parts of being with a small group of girls who all work together as one. They will for sure be the hardest goodbye I will have to say. 

Favorite dance memory?  My favorite memory would have to be the time at the recital for “The Rat Pack” and the ribbon from the curtains in the back got tangled up on my teammate, we all were laughing onstage because it was such a distraction but it showed that we are lighthearted group and have a good time. 

What are you doing after High school? 4 years 

What are your specific post-graduation plans? I am going to Temple and I am double majoring in theatre and journalism. 

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