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Paul was highlighted for her commitment to ensure each of her students student feel valued and appreciated.

Denise Paul

“Mrs. Paul is always kind and respectful toward the students at TAES. She encourages our fourth graders to reach for their goals and to aim for greatness. Denise is always pleasant with the staff members within the Elementary building and is a joy to work with,” said Tyrone Elementary School Principal Kristin Musselman.

Eagle Eye: What does working within the Tyrone school district mean to you?

Denise Paul: Working within the Tyrone school district means many things to me. First, it means I will have a group of students that will look to me to provide the best education they need at that moment to continue their own individual educational path. Additionally, they will also need me to motivate them, encourage them, guide them, and unconditionally support each one of them. When a student enters my classroom, they are a member of my classroom community that I am very proud of and proud to call mine. What they may not realize however is that when they leave my classroom I continue to hold each one of them in a special place in my heart. I always enjoy hearing about all my accomplishments, struggles, and future plans as the years go by. Their time of being important to me doesn’t end at the end of the school year. That’s really just the beginning. It’s also very important to me to be a good teammate with my colleagues and friends. Some of my very best friends are teachers that I have had the pleasure of teaching with both currently and in the past.  The staff at Tyrone is truly top-notch.   

EE: How have you gone above and beyond to help your students?

DP: I feel that as a teacher we all go above and beyond. I believe that is really part of the job description. I know one thing that is very important to me is that each student feels valued and appreciated during our time together. I want them to know that I want to hear all their stories, even if sometimes we are running short on time. The stories and the things they love are a bright spot in my day. I also love attending things that are important to them such as sporting events, dance recitals, church programs, cheer events, etc. I like them to know that if it’s important to them, it’s important to me. 

EE: What is your favorite thing about working with students?

DP: I don’t know that I can pick just one favorite thing about teaching. There are so many things that I love. I love watching the education process take place. Watching a student struggle with something to eventually achieve success is so fun to watch happen. Being able to visibly see how proud they are of their progress is priceless. 

EE: What is the most important part of your job?

DP: The most important part of my job is to be a supportive, trustworthy, caring, and kind person. I want to always be a teacher, coworker, and friend that someone can talk to. We all need that sometimes. Many people within the school have been there for me when I needed that support myself. I just always want to be that person for someone else who may need it. 

EE: How can other teachers be an inspiration to their students and other members of the community, either within or outside the school?

DP: I truly believe we are all an inspiration to someone. Just always be true to who you are and you can’t go wrong. Set goals and go. But most importantly, be good to yourself. Your students need that from you. If you are happy you can be all the things that they need you to be. 

EE: Who inspired you to become the teacher or staff member you are?

DP: My family is definitely who inspired me to become a teacher and to be the teacher and staff member that I am today. My great-grandmother was an elementary school teacher. When I started showing interest in being a teacher, my grandmother was thrilled that I chose the same career path as her mom. She encouraged me to pursue my interest and was one of my biggest supporters along the way and really my entire life. My mom taught me to recognize the value of being the best version of yourself. If you do that you will do a job well.

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