Ellie Oakes

Corrie Beck

Eagle Eye: When did you start playing football? 

Corrie Beck: “Second Grade.”

EE: Who inspired you as a young athlete to play football?

CB: “My dad.”

EE: What position do you play? 

CB: “Running back and linebacker.”

EE: What is your favorite part about the sport?

CB: “The bond you build with your teammates.”

EE: What is your favorite memory of the sport? 

CB: “Covering Deegan’s items with tape, he really likes tape.”

EE: What are some of your pre-game rituals? 

CB: “Eating a meatball sub from Subway.”

EE: What other sports do you play?

CB: “Track and field.”

EE: What are your plans after high school? 

CB: “Attend college and possibly play college football.”

EE: Do you have any advice for young athletes who want to play football?

CB: “LIFT! And wash yourself.”

EE: What is your favorite Francoism/saying from Coach Franco?

CB: “Avoid the Gestapo.”

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