Cheyenne Weaver – Grade 11

How long have you been in drama club?

This is my first year in drama club.

What was your first production at Tyrone?

This is my first show with the high school.

What is your role in Beauty and the Beast?

I am in the ensemble, as a villager and a spoon.

What is your favorite part of the production?

My favorite part is getting to sing and dance along with the cast. Everyone who is a part of the cast loves what they do, which makes it an even better experience. 

Who’s your favorite character in the production?

My favorite character is Cogsworth, because he is hilarious without even trying to be.

Are you excited for opening night?

I can’t wait for opening night!

If you could choose next year’s play, what would you choose?

Either Shrek the Musical or Hairspray.

Any other comments about the show?

Each cast member has worked so hard to make this production the best it can be, so it is sure to be a great show!