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Barlett was highlighted for his positive presence in the lives of his students and his strive to connect with his students based on their interests.

Alex Barlett

“Mr. Bartlett works in and out of school to form positive relationships with our students. Alex always puts his best foot forward and reminds our students to always put forth their best effort,” said Tyrone Elementary School Principal Kristin Musselman.

Eagle Eye: What does working within the Tyrone school district mean to you?

Alex Barlett: It is an amazing district to work for. Everyone is extremely passionate about their job and pours their hearts out every day to our students. Although I am a graduate of Bellwood-Antis, I feel like I’ve lived in Tyrone my whole life.

EE: How have you gone above and beyond to help your students?

AB: Over my five years as a teacher, I have worked extremely hard to be as consistent as possible each day. I believe that being a constant, positive presence in these kids’ lives is critical for these kids’ development. Connecting with students on their interests outside of school (sports, musicals, etc.) is something I value and has helped me develop as a teacher and professional.

EE: What is your favorite thing about working with students?

AB: Their energy is infectious. Seeing them smile and be happy makes the job amazing.

EE: What is the most important part of your job?

AB: Building relationships with your staff members and the students. Positive relationships and supporting each other is one of the most important parts. I like having a family culture in elementary school.

EE: How can other teachers be an inspiration to their students and other members of the community, either within or outside the school?

AB: Communicate with them with respect and love and be a good listener. I have found that by just listening to a student you can understand a lot from their perspective. It’s important to show them empathy, that you understand them and support them.

EE: Who inspired you to become the teacher or staff member you are? 

AB: Rob Drager – he has been a big part of my development as a young teacher and has shown me how to be a consistent figure in students’ lives.

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