Sports Editor: Asher Christine

Hi, my name is Asher Christine. I’m a senior here at Tyrone Area High School and this is my third year as an Eagle Eye staff member. The main reason I rejoined the Eagle Eye staff for a third year was to write about the great Tyrone sports and to further my experience and knowledge in sports journalism. I’m also a returning veteran of the highly prestigious Tyrone Boys Varsity Soccer team. My hobbies and interests outside of school include watching the Yankees, playing soccer, hanging out with my lady, crackin’ cold ones with the boys, and playing PS4. My favorite thing about being a student here at Tyrone is how the teachers do a wonderful job of teaching while still managing to be friendly and engage with their students. My plans after I graduate are to go to PSU and I’m still undecided about a major.

EE: What do you hope to accomplish as an editor this year?

To make the Eagle Eye the best I can.

EE:What are your other extra curricular activities?

Soccer, POPS, Dawg Pound President

EE: How many years have you been in Eagle Eye?

3 years

EE: Post graduation plans?

Not sure yet.

EE: What are you looking forward to covering this year for the website?

All sports.