Meghan McMullen

Olivia Barr- Treasurer

Olivia Barr

Eagle Eye: Why did you run for treasurer?

Olivia Barr: “I ran for treasurer because I wanted to be able to  participate more within my school, and it also strengthens college applications.”

EE: What job duties will you have now that you are treasurer?

OB: “We will all work together to design a shirt for our senior class, also coming up with the song for our class. I will know more of my duties once we have more meetings.”

EE: Why do you think your classmates chose you for treasurer?

OB: “I guess I would say they chose me because I try and be nice to everyone and I try to be a friendly person and to get involved within our school.”

EE: How will you accurately represent your senior class?

OB: “I feel like I know everyone in my class fairly well, so I think I will be able to accurately represent our class.”