Meghan McMullen

Jack Lewis- President

Jack Lewis

Eagle Eye: Why did you run for President?

Jack Lewis: “I ran for President because it’s always been my dream to have a speech at graduation. I also think having a class officer position such as Class President would be a large step towards furthering my education at a good school.”

EE: What job duties will you have now that you are president?

JL: “As Class President, I will work with my fellow class officers to decide class symbols, such as colors, and the class song. I will also have a speech at graduation.”

EE: Why do you think your classmates chose you for president?

JL: “I think my classmates chose me because of the leadership I have demonstrated through my past decisions. Hopefully, I’ll stay on the same track through my presidency.”

EE: How will you accurately represent your senior class?

JL: “I don’t know if I accurately represent my class well yet, but hopefully my future decisions and actions will.”