Win FREE PROM TICKETS in the Eagle Eye Easter Egg Hunt!


The Easter Bunny has hidden clues all over Tyrone Area High School!

Find them before Easter break and you could win one of several great prizes from the Eagle Eye:

  • Easter candy baskets
  • a Sheetz gift card
  • Or our grand prize: two free tickets to the TAHS Prom (an $80 value!)

Here’s how to participate in the Eagle Eye’s first Easter Scavenger Hunt:

  • Pick up an entry form outside the Eagle Eye newsroom (Room 230)
  • Using the clues below, look for answers all around the school.
  • Each correct answer is worth one entry in the raffle. The more answers you find, the more chances you have to win! 
  • However, to qualify for the grand prize (free prom tickets), you must answer all the questions correctly. If no entries get all of the answers correct, the grand prize will go to the highest scoring entry (in the event of a tie, a winner will be chosen randomly from all the highest scoring entries).
  • The hunt is on from April 12 to April 14.
  • The deadline to submit your answers is 3:15 pm on Thursday, April 14.
  • Give completed answer sheets directly to Mr. Cammarata in the Eagle Eye room (230) OR slide them under the door if he is not there.
  • Winners will be announced on Channel T on Wednesday, April 20.


1. How many players were on the 1999 state championship Golden Eagles football team? The number of players will be the last two digits of a room number.  What room did you end up in?


2. Near what room is the plaque in the photo below located?  


3. Where is the item in the photo below located? When you find it, scan the QR code to get your next hint.


4. To find the next clue, we’re throwing it back to 2017. Your hint is page 85. There you will find a familiar face that everyone knows and loves. Make sure no one else can hear you, and recite this person’s wise words back to them. If you say the correct phrase, this person will give you a slip of paper with another quote on it. Who said the quote on the paper?


5. The location of your next clue can be found in a place in the school that is often seen but rarely visited. The clue you find there will lead to the final answer, which is the last name of a TAHS teacher.         


6. Who is the Tyrone alum in the photo below? (first and last name)

football player

7. Near whose classroom is this picture located? (Use the last name)


8. Near whose room is this artwork located?  When you find it, look for the QR code. It will lead you to your next clue.


9. In whose room can this banner be found? (use the last name)


10. Find the door that was once glass but is now cardboard. The clue will send you to a location. Where did you end up?