Vote for the Official Name of the New Tyrone High School Cafe

The new TAHS café opened to students officially on October 9th, and they would like all TAHS students and staff to help choose the official name for the cafe (see poll below).  

The cafe provides a new food and drink option to students and staff, as well as work experience for students.

The Eagle Inn has been closed down for about five years so when the café came about I was ecstatic about getting back into food service again.”

— café manager Jessica Grazier

Cafe manager Jessica Grazier was involved with the former Culinary Arts program at Tyrone, and helped run the student-staffed “Eagle Inn” restaurant at the school.

“Several years ago we began to discuss how we can create “real world” work experience for our students. We wanted to create opportunities for students to learn valuable skills that will transfer to future employment, build confidence and give our students something different and cool to participate in,” said Grazier, “The Eagle Inn has been closed down for about five years, so when the café came about I was ecstatic about getting back into food service again.”

The café is open from 7:30 a.m – 4 p.m.  Students can buy items before and after school, and during their study halls or lunches.

The drink menu includes regular and decaf coffee, iced coffee with flavored creamers, specialty fresh brewed iced teas, hot tea, hot chocolate, flavored and regular bottled water, soda, Galliker’s lemonade and iced tea, and energy drinks. By USDA regulations,  the café is able to sell caffeinated beverages, but only to high school students.

Food items available are cookies, s’mores, soft pretzels, muffins, and chips.

As the school year progresses, the menu will change and hopefully expand to include more items.

“The coffee was good, and they have flavored creamers and flavors of the day, which is cool,” said senior Garret Matley.

Currently there are 30 students who work at the cafe during the school day. Students are trained in how to operate the equipment, food safety protocol, customer service, marketing, and other aspects of business and accounting.

“We learn how to work in a job setting, and what it is like. We are also learning to prepare food, count money, and work the cash register,” said senior Paige Barner.

While working at the café the students will develop skills such as customer service, creating sales strategies, record/inventory keeping, and an overall sense of what the business world feels like.

“Along with learning how to prepare food, we also learn how to work with others,” said Barner.

Students and staff also have the opportunity to vote for the café’s official name.  To cast your vote, click the link in the side (a tasd google account is required to participate in the vote).  Voting will be open until the end of advisory period on Tuesday, November 7.