Tyrone Hosts Marching Band Competition

Last Saturday Tyrone hosted a band competition and scored 84 points.

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Ten local marching bands performed at the Tyrone Band’s annual Home Show on Saturday, October 5 at Gray Field.

Hosting a competition is a lot of work for the home band, but worth it to put on a good show for the community.

“There are a lot of factors involved in hosting a competition, and it takes a lot of volunteers,” said Tyrone Band Director David Hock, “If it weren’t for the volunteers this wouldn’t get done.”

There are a lot of factors involved in hosting a competition, and it takes a lot of volunteers”

— Band Director David Hock

When a band hosts a competition they don’t compete, but are allowed to perform and receive a score. Tyrone earned a score of 83.655 points. The music was awarded 50.68 points, visual won 32.975, and percussion won 17.740 points. If the band were allowed to place, they would have placed third.

“We got a better score [than at the last competition]. We definitely improved. I am very happy with our performance,” said Hock.

The score may have gone up, but last week the placement was higher. This means that all of the bands are doing better, and Tyrone must continue to improve in order to keep up with its competition.

“I think that the ballad could use some work because it’s the most emotional part of the performance,” said Drum Major Becca White, “it can be hard to express our emotions sometimes in our performances.”

The bands at the competition were Brockway, DuBois Area, Mount Union, Westmont Hilltop, Conemaugh Township, Johnstown, Juniata Valley, Elk County Catholic, Eisenhower, and Tyrone.

For full results click HERE.

On October 12, the band will  compete at Johnstown, October 19 will be at IUP, and October 26 will be at Harrisburg.