TAHS promposal contest: A teammate promposal!


Anna Baran

Kalea Hammond, Emily Hamer, and the Lady Eagles softball team with Kalea’s promposal.

One junior at TAHS decided to skip the “date” and take a friend to prom instead. Junior Kalea Hammond asked her close friend, freshman Emily Hamer to prom.

Kalea decided to incorporate softballs into her promposal since she plays softball with Emily. Kalea got a lot of help from her teammates to spell out “prom?” with softballs and to distract Emily until they were done.

“I was very surprised,” said Hamer, “Considering that I am a freshman I never thought I would be asked to prom my first year of high school by one of my best friends.”

Kalea was very nervous to ask Emily because it was April Fools Day and she figured that Emily would think it was a joke.

Emily knew she would say yes to Kalea because she is one of her best friends.

Both Kalea and Emily are excited to spend time with their friends and experience their first prom together.