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Taylor Laber

Oh wait, that’s not English.

Hi, I’m Taylor. I don’t normally do bios, but TL;DR, I’m a homosapien of the female gender. I’m new to this whole thing. Blame my mom and TCam, they wanted me to join. And I’m here now. If you haven't already guessed, yeah, I’m learning Japanese in my spare time. I think it’s a really freakin’ pretty language and I’m really excited to learn the whole thing. I already know a lot! (Also I guess I know Spanish???)

I spend most of my time online creating projects that I’ll either never finish or end up hating. I know programming languages like LUA, C#, and… that’s it.

Favorite things I cannot stop talking about for my life are Steven Universe and UNDERTALE. (Not UNDERTAIL. Don’t look at up.)

Uh... I have a Twitter, Reddit and a Tumblr. I post art, memes, and other stuff. Tumblr is more or less a place where I just keep my "portfolio" of my art. Twitter is just me in general, and not really meant for the family in terms of language. Reddit is... well, Reddit. Be warned of that, too.

...That's kind of it. I have a really, really strange sense of humor and I'm not that interesting. I did that one article about suicide.

Please follow me im superkirbylover™

Taylor Laber, Staff Writer

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The voice of the Tyrone Area High School