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Lauren Taylor
Hi! Welcome to the Eagle Eye! My name is Lauren Taylor. It's SENIOR YEAR BABY. Bless up. This is my third and final year being apart of the Eagle Eye staff. Eagle Eye has been my favorite class for the past three years. I am a big part of the social media news flow that comes from the Eagle Eye News. I post a lot of the activity on Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat, (which I want to use much more this year). For the past three years, I have live-tweeted majority of the varsity football and basketball games. I had a good summer with all of my best friends and going to OCMD with all of them was a good time. I work at Grier School in the kitchen and have worked there for almost a year now. I’m in NHS, and this year I signed up for more clubs including; Prom Committee, Student Council, YAN, and Avidium. I’m really shooting for the best year of school this year with all of my friends because of it's our last year together at Tyrone. I’m excited to see what the Eagle Eye News accomplishes and brings to our school this year.

Lauren Taylor, Social Media Director

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