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2017-2018 Staff

Connor Gority

Staff Writer

My name is Connor Gority, or CG if you know me better, and I’m a junior at Tyrone High School. If you’ve ever been to Tyrone or live in the area and seen a couple novels floating around with my name on them, you aren't dreaming. I spend a lot of my time writing novels, listening to music (mostly Nickelback), and travel photography. In fact, I have just recently completed my very first novel series, Eld...

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David Dubois

Staff Writer

My name is David Dubois and I'm a senior at Tyrone Area High School and this is my first year as part of the Eagle Eye staff. My hobbies and interests out of school are playing Xbox and watching sports. I chose to be part of Eagle Eye because I wanted to try something different for my last year of high school. I would like to write about game reviews for the school year because I play video games ev...

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Brandon Escala

Staff Writer

I want to start out by saying that I am a junior this year.  I am a HUGE fan of action movies (especially the Tomb Raider series). I am a 1st-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. I also participate in the Youth Action Network, or "YAN", as well as in Mock Trial. In my spare time, I watch Once Upon a Time on Netflix, turn song lyrics into pictures, or just eat everything in thing in my fridge. As a "...

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Aaryanna Wright

Photo Editor

My name is Aaryanna Wright. I am a junior at Tyrone High. I play soccer on the Tyrone girl's soccer team. My hobbies consist of working out, eating, playing sports, photography, and watching movies. My favorite food to eat is chicken wraps from Sheetz. I would highly recommend students to read Eagle Eye, because it's a great way for students to stay up to date with the news inside the school. I will h...

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Garett Matley

Staff Writer

My name is Garett Matley and I am a senior at Tyrone High. That being said, since this is my first year in Eagle Eye, it is also my last. My favorite color is blue and my favorite thing to do when I’m not at school is sleep. I work as a manager at the Tyrone Rite Aid, and I am also a competitive cheerleader at a gym in Northern Cambria. This is completely separate from Tyrone School Cheerleading...

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Caden Brooks

Staff Writer

What's up. My name is Caden Brooks, and I am a Junior this year at Tyrone Area High School. This is my second year working for Channel T and Eagle Eye. Instead of talking to you, I’d probably rather be playing video games or watching movies in my room. My favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption. I’m guaranteed to whoop your butt in a game of ping pong. I am also one of the beautiful voices you...

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Levi Walk

Photo Editor

Hi, have a moment? My name is Levi Walk. Add a “photography” on the end there and type that into the instagram search bar and you’ll see two things: a driven, dedicated photographer and a plethora of colorful, well-composed photos. Hard work, coupled with an insatiable appetite for success, helped me to propel myself into the position of your friendly school news photo editor (I know it’s dra...

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Anna Beck

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Anna Beck, I am a junior. This is my first year in Eagle Eye. I am also a part of Tyrone’s yearbook staff. I love photography, camping, taking photos while camping, and reading. I have four dogs (cocker spaniel, a mix, german shepherd, and a golden retriever), a cat, and five fish. I am also the middle child. I have an older sister who graduated in 2016, and a younger brother in 8th gr...

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Megan Dale


Megan Dale is a Sophomore in Tyrone Area High School and is in her first year for the Eagle Eye. She enjoys digital art and wants to work illustrating concept art for games companies. She has earned a Golden Key Award in the 2016 Scholastic Art Awards. Some of her favorite movie and book series is The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia. Persona 5 and Super Mario 64 are some of her favorite game...

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Katelyn Richards

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Katelyn Richards. I am a Senior at Tyrone Area High School. This is my first year in Eagle Eye News. Some things I like to do is go to the movies, and spending time with my friends and family. After I graduate I plan on going to Penn Highlands for early childhood education and specializing in special education. I also plan while I'm at college to study sign language. I love Stephen K...

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Taylor Pighetti

Staff writer

Hi there! My name is Taylor Pighetti. I am in 11th grade, and this is my first year on the Eagle Eye staff. I play volleyball in the fall and I detail cars on my free time. My interest in Eagle Eye is not so much the writing, but taking pictures. I am very excited to take pictures. My plan after I graduate is to attend IUP for nursing. I am going to become an RN. I plan on getting married, having k...

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Kolby Cowher

Staff Writer

My name is Kolby Cowher. I am currently a Junior at the Tyrone Area High School in the borough of Tyrone in the great state of Pennsylvania. I'm on the Tyrone Golden Eagle Baseball and Football teams respectively. I generally do nothing of importance other than sleeping. When I’m not sleeping, I typically play PlayStation. I use the Eagle Eye to only report the finest of news. The reason why I joi...

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Emma Hoover

Features Editor

Hi my name is Emma Hoover, and I am a junior at TAHS.  Over the summer, I was an Admission Team Member at Delgrosso's Amusement Park.  Throughout my school experience,  I have been part of a few clubs and teams. I have been a part of Pops Extension for two years and this year I am the Vice President of Pops.  I am also part of drama club, and I starred in the school’s production of Beauty and the Be...

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Lauren Taylor

Social Media Director

Hi, my name is Lauren Jade Taylor. I'm a junior this year and this will be my second year as part of the Eagle Eye staff. I plan to do Eagle Eye my senior year too, and wish I would've taken Eagle Eye as a freshman. I´d like to give myself the title of the "Eagle Eye Sports Live Tweeter", (which is one of my jobs I do for the Eagle Eye). You think it'd be easy to tweet the football games play by pla...

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Meghan McMullen

Staff Writer

This is Meghan McMullen's junior year and first year in Eagle Eye. Outside of school she is in many organizations, including Speech Team, FBLA, Concert Choir, YAN, and now Eagle Eye can be added to that list as well. Currently, she doesn't know exactly what she wants to do after she graduates high school other than the fact that she is college bound. Meghan decided to join because she is highly interest...

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Rayne Burger

Staff Writer

My name is Rayne and I'm a senior at TAHS. This is my first, and last, year being a part of the Eagle Eye staff. After I graduate, I plan on attending PSU to become a Phys-Ed teacher. I am a varsity cheerleader, and I'm apart of student council, quiz league, peer jury, concert choir, and I work at Jean-O's Pizzeria right in Tyrone. My favorite teachers are Mrs. Hartman, Mr. Owens, and Mr. Coleman. ...

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Cate Baran

Staff Writer

My name is Cate Baran, and I'm in 10th grade. This is my first year in Eagle Eye. I plan to go to college after high school, and I'm not sure what I am going to go for. I'm in National Honor Society too. I also really love to play sports. They are my favorite thing to do. I play softball, swimming, and soccer at the school. Beside school sports, I am on a travel softball team called Blaze. This yea...

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Emily Lehman

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Emily Lehman and I am a senior at TAHS. This is my first year as an Eagle Eye staff member. Sports take up most of my life. I am on both the girls basketball and softball teams. I plan to attend college next fall and major in Kinesiology. This year, I hope to write about girl's basketball, or any other sport really. I am really excited to be a contribution to the Tyrone Eagle Eye...

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Ally Jones

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm ​Ally Jones and I'm a Sophomore at Tyrone Area High School. This is my first year on the Eagle Eye staff. I play for the Lady Eagle softball team and Tyrone's summer travel team. I am also involved in National Honors Society. In my free time, I enjoy going to Penn State Wrestling matches, listening to music, baking, cooking, and volunteering. I joined Eagle Eye to improve my writing skills and I hope to...

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Christian Fink

Staff Writer

Hello, I am Christian A. Fink, a senior at the one and only Tyrone Area High School. I am a greenhorn to the Eagle Eye staff this year. I play football, the American one. I hope to contribute as much as possible to the website to keep our great community informed. My plans for after high school is to be a won-backer. The number #1 thing on my bucket list is to be the first person to walk o...

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Sara Shock

Staff Writer

Junior and first year Eagle Eye reporter Sara Shock is a very creative and hardworking student. She is involved in YAN and NHS. Sara enjoys photography and even has her own blog for her pictures. She loves reading and writing, and plans to go to Penn State for her Masters Degree in English and Journalism. One of Sara’s main goals is to one day have her own photography business. She also enjoys scary...

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Bryce Bauer

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Bryce and this is my second year in Eagle Eye and I’m a Senior #Classof2022. I am a member of the football, swimming, and track team and in ski club. During the summer I spend most of my days at DAP where I’m a lifeguard and during the winter you can usually find me at Blue Knob where I’m a ski instructor. My favorite sports teams are Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, and Pen...

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Lucia Isenberg

Staff Writer

I'm a freshman, and this is my first year in Eagle Eye. I participate in swimming and POPS Extension. I also plan to do mock trial this year. Out of school, I enjoy archery, fishing, kayaking, lifting, photography, and all things makeup and fashion. On the weekends, you can find me taking and editing wedding photos. I love to sing and listen to music. My favorite genre is country or 90's alternative....

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Paige Hunter

Staff Writer

Hi friends :) my name is Paige Hunter. I'm an 11th grade Tyrone Cheerleader who loves books, jeans, makeup, horses, rain and Flamin' Hot Cheetos. I always strive to be kind to everyone, and to dress nicely 24/7. I have two Shih-Tzu's, three Betas, and a brother who graduated in 2015. I'm also in HOSA, (Health Occupations Students of America). I hope to become an Optometrist one day. Some things I can't...

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Kaitlyn Plummer

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Kaitlyn Plummer and I am a tenth grader here at TAHS. This is my first year in the Tyrone Eagle Eye . In addition to Eagle Eye, I am also apart of the varsity cheerleading squad and the Tyrone ski club. In my spare time, I enjoy reading books and spending time with my friends. I also really love dogs. My favorite food of all time is ice cream. After High school I plan on attending Penn s...

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Michael Stoner

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Michael Stoner. I’m currently a 10th grader at Tyrone Area High School, and this is my first year as a member of the Eagle Eye staff. This year, I hope to be a staff writer and write the baseball articles. After high school I plan to attend college and pursue a degree in broadcast journalism, or become a college football analyst. Some of my hobbies include watching football, hockey and b...

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Beverly Eirich

Staff Writer

I am Beverly Eirich, and I am in 12th grade. My interests are singing and having fun hanging out with my friends. My hobbies are volunteering at the Central Pa Humane Society and playing video games on my phone. I have no idea what I want to do after high school. My favorite books are the Dork Diaries series, My favorite music are hip hop and country. I’m in cross country, track, and YAN. I like...

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McKenzie Johnson

Features Editor

My name is McKenzie Johnson, I am a senior here at Tyrone and this is my first year in Eagle Eye News. Outside of school, you can find me at the dance studio or out hiking. At school, I'm involved in a lot of groups including POPS Extension, Student Council, Prom Committee, YAN, Avedium, NHS, and now Eagle Eye. Last year I was featured on Eagle Eye for my childhood cancer story and I have been...

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Alainna Nevling

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Alainna Nevling and I am a senior this year. This is my first and last year in the Eagle Eye staff. I am currently involved in Aevidum and National Honors Society. During the spring, I run track, but this year, I am planning on running in the winter also. After I graduate high school, I plan on attending Penn State Altoona for two years and then go to Main campus for the rest of my degree...

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Hunter Anderson

Staff Writer

Hola, me llamo es Hunter. I am a senior at Tyrone Area High School and am known throughout the school as "H." My favorite color is orange and my favorite food is a fine slice of pizza. This is my first year writing for the Eagle Eye as a sports writer. I have a strong passion for all things sports. My favorite sports teams include the Miami Dolphins, North Carolina men's basketball, Tennessee Voluntee...

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Devon Henninger

Video Production Crew

Currently, I am a junior at Tyrone Area School District. This is my first year working with Mr. Cammarata and my peers to create Eagle Eye videos and stories. As well, with Mr. Feather and the video production crew for Channel T. My main interests include, politics (local, national, and international), watching professional football, and attending Golden Eagle football games with a group of my friend...

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Andrew Sherren

Staff Writer

Oh hey didn't see you there! I am a senior at Tyrone Area School District and a returning veteran of the historic 2016-2017 Eagle Eye campaign. I am also returning for my fourth and final year on the prestigious Tyrone Boys Varsity Soccer team. Like I said, I am coming back for my second year on the staff and I am looking to make a big impact this year. While I am interested in journalism, I'm really...

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Derek Wilson

Staff Writer

My name is Derek Wilson and I am a senior here at Tyrone High School and it is my third year as a member of the Eagle Eye Student Newspaper. I am a Staff Writer and I also do a little bit of photography. In my time after school I am a trumpet player for the marching band, concert band, and jazz band. I am a league bowler on Sundays and a roller hockey player during the summer outside of  School. I...

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Olivia Watson

Staff Writer

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Olivia Watson. I am a junior, and I am involved with YAN, NHS, and Aevidum. I am also a part of the varsity cheerleading squad, which is pretty exciting because I get thrown in the air and caught (most of the time). My plans after high school are to (hopefully) get into Juniata College, survive that scary place, then get into medical school, and repeat the process. My life is ...

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Hannah Gampe

News Editor

Hi! My name’s Hannah Gampe. I’m a junior here at TAHS. This is my third year of being involved in Eagle Eye. I’m also involved with tennis, swimming, YAN, NHS, Aevidum, speech team, POPS Extension, and the musical. I’ll also be serving as this year’s Student Board Representative. Outside of school, I also take piano lessons and have participated in the National Piano Guild for the past sev...

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Zack Webster

Editor in Chief

Hi, I’m Zackery Webster, Editor in Chief of the Eagle Eye News. I have been a part of the Eagle Eye Newspaper for four years. In that time my niche in the staff room has evolved more than I could have guessed since my freshman year. I began as a writer and a photographer, then my junior year I found myself in the Photo Editor’s position, and this year, climbing even higher to Editor in Chief. Th...

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Nick Merritts


Hi, my name is Nickolas Merritts. I’m a junior in high school, or an 11th grader if you prefer. I enjoy spending time with my brother, Garrett. He’s in the military so we try to enjoy the time together when we can. We usually have casual talks and play games together. A handful of my hobbies include gaming, drawing, and tinkering with technology. I try to keep an open mind on a lot of things. A...

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Lindsay Fusco

Staff Videographer

Hello Tyrone students, my name is Lindsay Fusco. I am a sophomore at Tyrone High school. I play basketball and I am proud to be a member of the Tyrone Eagle Eye. I love dogs, cats, tea, and spending time with family. I love to go hiking and kayaking with family. My favorite TV show on Netflix is The Walking Dead. My plans for the future are to go to college and after college, I plan on becoming an ...

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Nick DelBaggio

Staff Videographer

Nick DelBaggio is a Sophomore in Tyrone Area High School, and this is his first year in Eagle Eye. In his free time, he enjoys playing games, drawing, roller blading, and playing soccer.Some of his favorite things include Jolly ranchers, chocolate, and generally anything sweet. His favorite song is Mr. Blue Sky, by Electric Light Orchestra. By being in Eagle Eye he hopes to get better at writing news s...

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Ava McCracken

News Editor

Hi, my name is Ava McCracken. I am a junior at Tyrone Area High School. I am the secretary of Youth Action Network(YAN) , a new member of Aveidum, and I'm also in National Honors Society. This is also my first year on the tennis team. I've played the piano for 10 years. I plan on going to college at Seton Hill to attend their five year physicians assistant program. Brian Selznick is the author of my...

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Corey Hoff

Staff Writer

My name is Corey Hoff, I am currently a senior at Tyrone Area High School. I enjoy fishing and hunting, along with camping and hanging out with friends and family. After high school I plan on either going to school, or just going straight into the workforce. I listen to all types of music, I especially like country, rock and hip-hop. I am involved in Boy Scouts and have already received my Eagle Scout,...

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Noel Politza

Sports Editor

My name is Noel Politza. Most people call me Dicky. I am a senior at Tyrone High. My favorite color is green and my favorite subjects are science and math. My hobbies include playing sports, working out, playing video games, watching movies, and watching Netflix. I play basketball and am planning on playing tennis this year. I recommend anyone and everyone to read the Eagle Eye because it has ve...

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Jake Meredith

Sports Editor

Sports Editor Jake Meredith is a senior at Tyrone Area High school. This is his second year on the Eagle Eye staff. Jake is a part of many extracurricular activities, including football, tennis, student council, basketball and track. During his free time, he likes to relax by lying on his floor. He also likes to sit by the pool and play Xbox. He joined the Eagle Eye class because he likes Mr. Cam...

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Asher Christine

Sports Editor

Hi my name is Asher Christine.  I'm a Senior here at Tyrone Area High School and this is my third year as an Eagle Eye staff member. The main reason I rejoined the Eagle Eye staff for a third year was to write about the great Tyrone sports and to further my experience and knowledge  in sports journalism. I'm also a returning veteran of the highly prestigious Tyrone Boys Varsity Soccer team. My h...

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