Signup for the 2019 Community Service Day and Spring Fling


Community Service Day 2018

Tyrone High School students can sign up this week for a volunteer assignment for Community Service Day and for Spring Fling activities by filling out the forms below.

The signups will begin with seniors on Monday and Tuesday, juniors on Wednesday, sophomores on Thursday and freshman on Friday.

The Community Service Day will take place in the morning of April 18 and Spring Fling will be in the afternoon of the same day.

Permission slips for Community Service Day have already been distributed by homeroom teachers. Permission slips are due to homeroom teachers by Thursday, April 11.

Students MUST submit a completed and signed form in order to participate, but they may still sign up on their assigned day even if they have not yet turned in the form.

Any student who did not receive a permission slip should see their homeroom teacher.

The schedule for Community Service and Spring Fling signups are as follows:

  • Monday 4/8 -Tuesday 4/9 – Seniors only
  • Wednesday 4/10 – Juniors and Seniors only
  • Thursday 4/11 – Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors only
  • Friday 4/12 – Freshman and any upperclassman who have not yet signed up

Please respect the schedule above.  Do NOT sign up early! 

Students who sign up early will be placed at the bottom of the list and will be given what is left after the others have signed up.

(Note: you must use Google Chrome and be signed in to your google account to view and complete the forms below).