The voice of the Tyrone Area High School

Sara Herr

Sara Herr

Name: Sara Herr

Grade: 12

How has the pandemic affected your life?

The pandemic has made me worry about the safety of my family members, especially my father who is high risk. I have to be extra careful about where I travel to and who I am around, I really do not want to put him in danger. I also wasn’t able to get to experience my entire senior marching band year experience to the fullest, we didn’t get to have any competitions and that was very heartbreaking.

What have you learned as a result of the pandemic?

I learned how fast diseases and germs can really spread.

What worries are you experiencing now? How are you currently coping?

I am just worried about who I may come into contact with and what I am touching, I really do not want to bring anything home to my family. 

What are some positive things that have come out of the pandemic?

On a positive note, with all the time I’ve had to myself, I’ve gotten to do more things for myself and take care of myself better.

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope that in the future the vaccine does what it is supposed to, and people continue to follow regulations as best as possible to help lower the spread of COVID. I hope we will be able to one day go back to life normally but have the knowledge we learned from COVID and apply it to our future.