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Put an End to Hallway PDAs

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Get a room! If anyone wanted to see to people sucking face in the halls or giving that last passionate kiss because you won’t see that person for a measly 43 minutes then we would watch an R-rated movie. It seems like everywhere I walk in TAHS is full of couples sucking face. No, unfortunately they aren’t vampires, even though that would be a better site. Teenagers in “love” or teens that have a “thing,” quite frankly I could care less about or what the current status of your love life is in on a Monday morning. I bet most of Tyrone’s students would as well.

Obliviously you could care less about the reputation you make for yourselves or the decisions that will affect your future. A reputation will follow you and rumors spread. Do you really want to be the guy or girl everyone avoids because they think you’ve been around? If you don’t respect yourself, no one will respect you. You’ll get used, abused, and left bruised. So next time you want to get “frisky” in the hall, look around at every face go pale and watch as the human race vomits. So save it for later, wait till you’re alone, and keep it out of school!

Sometimes, students think that having a love fest in the hall way will make them the cutest couple. Wrong! Most of the people who walk by “lovers” playing tonsil hockey, find it repulsive and disturbing. Do you really not have time to hangout after school and save that revolting site for later? Like come on if that’s not a distraction I have no idea what is. I would rather stare at a rock for twenty-four hours straight than to witness that raunchy site for one second. Don’t use your in “love” as an excuse either because love can wait.

Also, this generation’s lives revolve around making rumors and torturing the souls of others. For instance, do you really want to be the girl everyone says is pregnant or the father of a child? Now I would hope no one would want horrible rumors like that going around about them. So why risk taking a chance and ruining your high school career? You don’t want to walk around school get harassed because you decided to project your love life in school. Rumors can not only ruining your reputation but also hurt you mentally. So save yourself and prevent the pain!

Don’t forget this valuable lesson: Those who don’t respect themselves are the people who get used. No one is going to look at the person who makes out in the hall way every day and say “Wow that’s the type of person I want to marry.” People judge, words hurt, and it’s your mistakes. How hard is it to keep your love life on the down low and not showcase it like it’s a work of art? So respect yourself and others will respect you too! Take a stand and stop strutting it down the halls for attention. Please no one respects it!

Hence, were young and have a whole life ahead of us. Don’t ruin your future by not respecting yourself. Because trust me “Easy Emily” or “Sick Sal” don’t go away. Sadly nicknames seem to be one of the only things anyone remembers after high school. So respect who you are and praise the name you were born with. Trust me it could be a lot worse! You could be a vampire.

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4 Responses to “Put an End to Hallway PDAs”

  1. Ryan Fink on May 1st, 2013 11:20 am

    I agree!!!!!!! >:(


    Matthew Ferris Reply:

    me to


  2. Charity Goddard on November 3rd, 2014 2:58 pm

    I only just found this while looking at another article. I must say it’s amazing to see a student with this point of view. The world needs more students like you. I’m a TAHS parent and graduate, and when I was in school, that didn’t happen. I don’t know if there were more detentions being handed out, or if we were just smarter and more private with ourselves. What I do know is that on the occasions when I have a need to be in the school for meetings and such, the displays in the hall are pretty sick. And you’re right. Anyone doing that is not someone you’d want to bring home to meet your mother. Reputation is such a fragile thing..


  3. Connor Gority on February 18th, 2016 12:45 pm

    Last I looked, people were holding hands and kissing and all that in the hallways and nobody seemed to care. Personally, I don’t think anyone will care if people are in public relationships.


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Put an End to Hallway PDAs