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Opinion: End the Tampon Tax. Period.

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Opinion: End the Tampon Tax. Period.

Which states tax a woman's period?

Which states tax a woman's period?

Which states tax a woman's period?

Which states tax a woman's period?

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Everybody poops. It’s a fact of life, and we accept this truth. There’s even a popular children’s book by that name.  Like any bodily function, it’s not something to bring up at the dinner table, but at least we acknowledge the process.

Another bodily function, but one society tends not to acknowledge, is menstruation.

Fifty percent of the population goes through this natural process every month, however, bringing up anything that may hint at a period is thought of as taboo, even among many women.

Now that I’ve admitted periods exist, here’s the problem: In many states, tampons and other necessary menstrual products are taxed as “luxury” goods. 

Only five states specifically do not tax tampons. Fortunately, Pennsylvania is one of them.  The others are Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New Jersey.

The rest of the country either does not have any sales tax at all or does not consider tampons a “necessity” and taxes them along with other non-essential items.

The main cause for the absurd “tampon tax” probably comes from the lack of female representation in the United States government. Women hold only 20% of the seats in Congress, so it makes sense that females are often given the shorter end of the stick.

In an interview, former president Barack Obama was asked about the tampon tax. He stated, “I have to tell you, I have no idea why states would tax these as luxury items. I suspect it’s because men were making the laws when those taxes were passed.” Obama agrees that the tampon tax is questionable. He admits the tax is probably the result of lack of female say in the matter.

A lack of understanding is the primary reason for almost all widespread debate, and the tampon tax is no exception.

There are countless misconceptions and myths when it comes to periods, including, but not limited to: period blood attracts grizzly bears, women cannot prepare sushi because their menstrual cycle causes an “imbalance taste,” and most importantly, women can hold in their period blood like urine. The last misconception stated could easily cause men to see menstrual products as a luxury product.

In order to prevent these misunderstandings, our school systems should provide better sex education. This way, lawmakers could make more educated decisions when creating taxes for the people.

Every American woman is saying enough is enough. It is time to repeal the tampon tax. We need to stop making women pay extra for a bodily function that is out of their control.”

Many will try to debunk the tampon tax by claiming that the tax is not exclusive to menstrual products. While this may be true in many states, it doesn’t justify the fact that women are paying on average an extra 6.5% on products that are necessary for basic function. In some areas, such as Chicago, the sales tax is as much as 10%. 

All the while, products like condoms are often exempted from taxes and even given out for free at universities and hospitals all over the country.

Adding more female representation in Congress and having a better understanding of menstruation in general are the first steps toward having the tampon tax revoked. Period.

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30 Responses to “Opinion: End the Tampon Tax. Period.”

  1. -_- on May 1st, 2018 8:20 am


  2. Taylor Laber on May 1st, 2018 10:43 am

    what a wonderful, insightful, and helpful comment. clearly, i have not known this, and i wish i had!

    not to be mean, but, can you take your “-_- OK” crap elsewhere? this article was written with passion and clear knowledge.

  3. -_- on May 1st, 2018 2:37 pm

    How is “OK” a rude comment? “I don’t believe that ‘OK’ is a rude comment. It depends on the way it is said,” Miranda Goodman agrees.

  4. TSM_Myth on May 3rd, 2018 8:37 am

    Ah High School, where drama can be started from a simple” OK “

  5. Jeremy Byers on May 1st, 2018 3:18 pm

    Stop picking fights with people, getting ridiculous at this point. You have no clue the tone “ok” was written in.

  6. Mia Kosoglow on May 2nd, 2018 8:10 am

    Dude you have instigated every single political fight possible. Calm down. Calling someone out for picking fights (especially when they’re not even doing that) is hypocrisy for you.

  7. Jeremy Byers on May 2nd, 2018 1:45 pm

    Mia, since when did I pick fights, proving my argument isn’t picking a fight. It wasn’t necessary to attack “-_-” for no reason just because he/she said “ok.” I respond to other people to give a counter argument, not pick fights.

  8. >_ on May 2nd, 2018 1:56 pm

    Mia why are you assuming jeremy’s gender he classifies as a tomahawk missile.
    By the way he is not picking fights he just speaks his mind and people get triggered

  9. Caleb Orr on May 2nd, 2018 5:52 pm

    I would most definitely agree with Jeremy here. “Instigating fights” is an extreme. Jeremy is simply bringing logic and reasoning to the table because he is interested the topic. Even when you tell him to ‘calm down’ and that he ‘instigated every single political fight possible’ he still gave you more respect than you gave him. What he has said was insightful and objective.

  10. Devon Henninger on May 1st, 2018 9:02 am

    Tampons are classified as a sanitary item, that is why they are taxed. Unlike Viagra which is considered a medicinal item, same with medicated condoms.

  11. -_- on May 1st, 2018 9:14 am


  12. Wheat Yiles on May 1st, 2018 10:33 am

    Well as far as I can tell the “Tampon tax” doesn’t exist. We pay sales tax on toilet paper bub. On top of that, some states have taxed food, and eating is a basic function that people need to do. Why don’t you make sure people can afford to eat before you worry about your tampies there hoss.

  13. theeducatedconservative on May 1st, 2018 2:10 pm

    they’re trying to brainwash the consumers with taxes that support corporate plutocratic round earther PC agenda, while the 1% sit in luxury on their moon base while the 99% will starve and suffocate over the last of our resources. I’ve seen the ice wall, it’s there and the fascist plutocratic new world order are feeding us lies of “gravity” and “democracy”. First., they will take our guns, then when we as a people are defenseless they will take away the rest of our liberties. rise now and take up arms!

  14. corbin moon on May 2nd, 2018 1:57 pm

    well said. need more well educated flat earthers around 😀

  15. Nick Kosko on May 2nd, 2018 1:59 pm

    I really like what you bring to the table. Glad SOMEONE is speaking for the 99%

  16. Kiara Sch. on May 1st, 2018 11:59 am

    Thank Pennsylvania that we do not have a tax on tampons. In all honesty, it’s stupid there is a tax. It is not a luxury item it is something women need! Geez, Congress get yo facts straight.

  17. Epic E. Miles on May 2nd, 2018 12:57 pm

    It’s basically a luxury item. You don’t NEED to use them. A large amount of women living in third world countries don’t or cannot use them.

  18. Author on May 3rd, 2018 2:28 pm

    I respect your opinion if you don’t believe in ending the tampon tax, however, the facts you state in this comment is wrong. Menstruation products such as pads and tampons are necessary for women to function. It is true that many women in third world countries unfortunately don’t access to these products, but because of this, women are forced into isolation from society because they have no proper means of protection. Nearly 1/4 of Indian girls are unable to complete their education due to a lack of menstrual products. Women in third world countries aren’t just deciding to not use tampons, they have no access to them, which hinders their quality of living, so in that sense, yes women in the United States are priveledged to have access to these products, but this a faulty comparison because in both cases these products are not luxuries, they are in fact necessities.

  19. theeducatedconservative on May 6th, 2018 11:41 am

    if tampons are a necessity then what did women do before 1929

  20. Lucia on May 1st, 2018 1:16 pm

    This article seems to be asking for equality, right? I support equality too, but the way you are asking for it is preposterous. To have true equality, you would have to place taxes on just about everything. You bring up the fact that everyone poops, so everyone needs toilet paper. There is a tax on toilet paper. Put a tax on tampons, it’s not any different. Another thing is the fact that, “Fifty percent of the population goes through this process every month” is stated, this just seems false to me. According to a census conducted in 2010, the female population accounts for 50.8% of the total population. Many women have gone through menopause, or haven’t hit puberty yet. You also have to account for females on birth control or those who are pregnant. These groups of people obviously aren’t experiencing a menstrual period, so the 50% stat is most likely incorrect.

  21. Sara on May 1st, 2018 1:47 pm


  22. Jeremy Byers on May 1st, 2018 1:56 pm

    Good comment!

  23. -_- on May 1st, 2018 2:38 pm


  24. TYR Patato on May 3rd, 2018 8:46 am

    Highly agree. Great comment.

    Also liked the comment where they said ¨bub¨

    Only because of that word tho.

  25. Author on May 3rd, 2018 2:38 pm

    In response to your first point, toilet paper is not taxed in the state of Pennsylvania, and neither are tampons. In the states where menstrual products are not taxed, neither is toilet paper. This means that everyone, both men and women, can secrete waste “equally” if this tax were to be revoked. You also state that not every woman is experiencing a period at the same time due to menopause, birth control, ect. This may be true, but at some point, every healthy woman will have to experience a period at some point in her life, meaning that they will need to pay for these products at some point.

  26. Lucia on May 12th, 2018 7:28 pm

    my bad about the toilet paper tax…the rest of my argument still stands. This isn’t a call for equality, but rather female superiority.

  27. Local Fortnite Pro on May 2nd, 2018 9:19 am

    Where in the world has EVERY SINGLE WOMAN has said enough is enough? Please show evidence that this has happened. We want evidence! I suggest you start a petition for EVERY SINGLE WOMAN to sign this.

  28. tamara sprankle on May 3rd, 2018 8:35 am


  29. ------ on May 2nd, 2018 4:31 pm

    Why are there such ridiculous arguments going on in this comment section? And why is every little detail of this article being picked apart? I get it if you genuinely have different beliefs that you want to voice, but to the people just being vicious because arguing is fun, grow up.

  30. tamara sprankle on May 3rd, 2018 8:34 am

    Us woman and young girls do need tampons, and they shouldn’t have tax on them. because we all need them besides guys, some of us are cranky and really moody when on theirs. But they shouldn’t tax tampons, Mrs. Latchford said that we should get some money back because us woman spent a lot of money for the tampons a month. So end of story, we shouldn’t have a tax on tampons!!

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Opinion: End the Tampon Tax. Period.