Eagle Eye Promposal Contest: Yes, That’s What She Said

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Meghan and Taylor a.k.a Dwight

For Taylor Rhodes’ senior year, she wanted to go to prom with someone who has always been very close to her, and that person is junior Meghan McMullen.

By using their favorite (and iconic) T.V. show, The Office, Taylor had Meghan be called into the middle school counselors office where The Office theme song was playing while she held a punny sign with Dwight Schrute as was dressed as Dwight Schrute.

Promposer: Taylor Rhodes

Eagle Eye: Describe in detail how you asked them.

Taylor Rhodes: “I had Mr. K help and call her up to the office because honestly I had no idea what I was doing. I made the board and got the clothes the night before, then I had my friend Natashia play The Office theme song and record.”

EE: Why did you choose this person to ask?

TR: “We had already planned on going together but I wanted it to be special because it’s my last year of high school.”

EE: Where did you get the inspiration for the idea?

TR: “The Office- we both love The Office so I dressed as Dwight and I had a little inspiration from Google.”

EE: What relationship do you have with this person?

TR: “Meghan and I have been really good friends for a while…and she’s one of those friends that you could not talk for a while and pick up where you left off…I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

Promposee: Meghan McMullen

Eagle Eye: Give your side of the story. Why do you think they asked you?

Meghan McMullen: “This is her senior year and neither of us had dates so why not have this last chance to make memories.”

EE: Describe in detail how you were asked and how you felt.

MM: “At first I thought I was in trouble for beating up a 7th grader or something (I hadn’t!) because I was called to the middle school counselors office. I heard The Office theme song and was totally prepared to talk to some random stranger about my favorite show, instead I was ecstatic to see Taylor dressed as Dwight Schrute and holding a sign.”

EE: Did you have any suspicions that you were going to be asked by them?

MM: “I knew we were going but I had no idea she would surprise me like that.”

EE: Why should you win the contest?

MM: “The Office is amazing and it would be a crime towards comedy and Dunder Mifflin if we don’t.”

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