Dance Fusion Competition Team Excels in Lancaster


Photo courtesty of Dance Fusion

The dancers from Tyrone’s Dance Fusion Competition Team brought home numerous awards at the first competition of the spring.

Tyrone’s Dance Fusion kicked off its 20th season in Lancaster, Pennsylvania at Nexstar Talent Competition, earning fourteen Platinum, fifteen High Gold, twenty Divisional 1st, four 1st overall, one 2nd overall, four 3rd overall, eight overall Top 10 finishes, five Golden Tickets, and one PowerPak Award.

“I was so excited, it was the first competition of the year for the whole group and I was ready to get onstage with my friends and leave everything on the dance floor,” said Tyrone senior dancer  Elizabeth Fryer.

The scoring went from Silver, High Silver, Gold, High Gold, and Platinum.

I was so excited, it was the first competition of the year for the whole group and I was ready to get onstage with my friends and leave everything on the dance floor

— Lizzy Fryer

The competition was tough, but Dance Fusion still had a successful weekend, one of the best to date.

The Nexstar competition was a large competition, with over 530 entries, and lasted from Friday at 4:30 to Sunday night at 10. Some categories had over 70 entries in them, such as senior solos, which is what the majority of Tyrone High School dancers were in, and the dancers were tired after a long weekend.

The stress and excitement took a toll on the dancers, with two injuries during the competition. However, Dance Fusion persevered and stepped onstage with complete confidence and professionalism.


Teen and Senior Groups:

Woodstock (Production) – Platinum, 1st Overall Superstar, Choreography Award

Deep Water (Lyrical Supergroup) – Platinum, 1st Divisional, 4th Overall Shining Star

Bey Day (HipHop Supergroup) – Platinum, 1st Divisional, 1st Superstar, HipHop Excellence Winner, Regional Grand Champion, Golden Ticket Recipient

Vessel (Small Modern) – Platinum, 1st Divisional, 1st Overall, Golden Ticket Recipient,
Choreography Award

Criminal Intent (Teen Jazz) – High Gold, 1st Divisional

Smoke on the Water (Senior Jazz) – High Gold, 1st Divisional

Seven Deadly Sins (Contacro) – Platinum, 7th overall

Daily Mail (Contemporary) – Platinum, 1st Divisional, 6th overall

People Watching People Watching (Large Modern) – Platinum, 1st Divisional, 2nd Overall Shining Star, Choreography Award, Golden Ticket Recipient

Next to You (Lyripop) – Platinum, 1st Divisional, 1st Overall Super Star, Exquisite Expressions Judges Choice Award


Senior Solos/Duets:

If You Were Still Around (Sage Rumberger and Alivia Anderson) – Platinum, 1st Divisional, 3rd Overall Shining Star, Perfect Partnering Judges Choice Award

Entity Voice (Sage Rumberger) – Platinum, 1st Divisional, 3rd Overall Shining Star

Eyes In Reverse (Alivia Anderson) – Platinum, 1st Divisional, 14th Overall Shining Star

Throwback Thursday (Kenzie Lewis) – Platinum, 1st Divisional

I Can’t Carry This (Lizzy Fryer) – High Gold

Ghost (Kacie Norris) – High Gold

Came Here For Love (Sydney Zlupko) – High Gold, Glowing Stage Presence Award

Open Hands (Anna Winey) – Platinum


Teen/Junior Solos:

Song to the Siren (Sway Cornelius) – Platinum, 3rd Overall Superstar, PowerPak Award Recipient

Red Right Hand (Addison Davis) – High Gold, 1st Divisional

Low (Aubrey Biter) – High Gold

Flying Solo (Bella Smith) – High Gold

Best Shot (Sophia Pullara) – Platinum, 1st Divisional

Strand (Sophia Pullara) – Platinum, 1st Divisional

Butterfly (Carson Moore) – High Gold

Ruby (Ruby Zlupko) – High Gold, 1st Divisional


Petite and Junior Groups:

Dream Conductors (Junior Modern) – Platinum, 1st Divisional, 3rd Overall, Golden Ticket Recipient

Ponytail (Mini HipHop) – High Gold, 5th, Swag and Style Judges Choice Award, Golden Ticket recipient

Grow (Junior Lyrical) – High Gold, 1st Divisional, 8th Overall, Choreography Award

Pirates (J’Acro) – High Gold, 1st Divisional, 8th Overall

The Middle (Junior Lyrical) – High Gold, 7th Overall

Clue (Junior Jazz) – High Gold, 1st Divisional, 6th Overall