Cooking with Schleprock: Edition 3


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A pair of lightly seasoned poached eggs placed upon warm, freshly toasted english muffins.

Getting a good start in the morning can make the entire day be eggstraordinary.

A simplistic recipe to try would be a poached egg. The only cooking for this involves a microwave and maybe a toaster, but parental guidance may need to be considered.

For this, you will need:
1 egg
½ cup of water
salt, black pepper
a microwave-safe cup, glass or mug, and a microwave-safe saucer.

You would want to fill a microwave-safe cup with a ½ cup of water and place one cracked egg in the water. Put the cup in the microwave with a saucer on top of the cup making a lid that completely covers the top to prevent steam from leaking out. Microwave the egg for thirty seconds. Carefully remove the mug and lift the lid away from you, as the steam will shoot out, and check to see if the egg is cooked by poking the egg white with a toothpick. If the egg white is not cooked then place the mug back into the microwave with the saucer on it for an additional ten seconds until it’s cooked. Once the egg is cooked it can be dumped onto a plate the toast.