Clearfield Takes Another Win Against Tyrone


Senior Mason Thomas on the ball.

Tyrone was overthrown with a score of 3-6 in their home game against Clearfield.

Tyrone had three incredible goals thanks to seniors, Alex Taylor and Kelton Raabe. Raabe scored one, and Taylor scored two putting three points on the board for Tyrone.

It was a long and hard game for the Eagles. It was a back and forth fight between the two teams. Every time they scored Tyrone had just enough to even it out, but it wasn’t long until Clearfield just became too much for Tyrone.

“They scored 3 goals in the last 10 minutes which is unacceptable.” says senior Mason Thomas. “As a defensive player on the field, I’m frustrated with our inability to defend one on one.”

Many problems from the defensive side of Tyrone contributed to Clearfield putting themselves in the lead. One big problem Tyrone had was communication and marking runners.

Even though Tyrone was defeated doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a good game. Tyrone made amazing plays, passes, and took great shots.

“If we get a couple of lucky bounces our way the game could’ve had a different outcome,” said Raabe.

Tyrone looked at this game as a lesson; as an opportunity to see what they need to work on. By focusing on what they did wrong they can strengthen their team which will help them in the long run.

Overall it was a rough game for Tyrone defensively with Clearfield’s fast offense.