‘Be Golden’ Staff Member of the Week: Mrs. Jessica Ellenberger


Haydyn Loudenslager

Learning support teacher Jessica Ellenberger always goes above and beyond to help her students and coworkers. She was nominated for the Golden Eagle award by Candy Eckles.

The “Be Golden” award is a faculty and staff recognition program at the high school. It is given to a teacher or staff member who is making a difference at Tyrone.

This award is given weekly by a faculty/staff member. Whoever receives the trophy on Friday is responsible for awarding it to someone else the following week. The only criteria is to give the award to someone who has done something to make the school a better place.

“With the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) initiative in our school, we want to not only recognize students for being golden but staff members as well,” said Shannon Davis, the award program coordinator. “This is a way to personally thank people we work with every day, but don’t always have the chance to show them how much they are appreciated.”

Last week, the award went to emotional support paraprofessional Mrs. Candy Eckels.

This week, she chose to give the award to learning support teacher Mrs. Jessica Ellenberger.

Mrs. Eckels quote:

“I nominate Mrs. Ellenberger because it’s a pleasure to work with her and she’s well deserving of being recognized. She is such a devoted teacher to the students here at the high school. She always goes above and beyond to help anyone in need, whether it be a student or a co-worker. It’s an honor to nominate Mrs. Ellenberger for the Golden Eagle Award.”

The Eagle Eye interviewed Mrs.Ellenberger about being this week’s award winner:

Eagle Eye: Why did you go into education?

Jessica Ellenberger: I have always been interested in helping others.  My interest was actually sparked when I was in fourth grade and had to complete a report on Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller’s teacher.  I thought her drive, determination, and compassion were very inspiring. Helping someone and making them smile is very rewarding.” 

EE: What makes Tyrone a good place to work?

JE: 100% my co-workers.  I love the students, but I work with amazing people that make me laugh every day.”

EE: What is your favorite memory at Tyrone?

JE: This is a difficult question.  I love the funny memories, the memories of some crazy stunt a student did, proud moments of student achievements, and many more.  I honestly don’t think I could pick one.”