Athlete of the Week: Dalton Berry


Meghan McMullen

Forward and BG team captain, senior Dalton Berry seen here at a BG home game in Altoona.

Name: Dalton Berry

Sport: Hockey

Grade: 12


Third at Nationals in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Captain of the Bishop Guilfoyle varsity hockey team for two years. Captain of the U16 Mustangs for two years, member of the undefeated Trackers U18A team.

Eagle Eye: How did you first get involved in this sport?

Dalton Berry: “By seeing people play roller hockey and I wanted to do it.” 

EE: What other sports do you play?

DB: “none.”

EE: Favorite sports team?

DB: “London Sillynannies”

EE: Favorite professional athlete?

DB: “John Scott”

EE: Favorite Food?

DB: “Poutine”

EE: What is your favorite part of the sport you play?

DB: “Grinding around the boards and getting beat up.”

EE: What is your greatest memory from this sport?

DB: “Natty’s in Green Bay.”

EE: What is your greatest motivation to succeed?

DB: “I’m not a pessimist. I’m an optometrist.”

EE: What advice would you give younger athletes?

DB: “Don’t get hurt.”

EE: What are your future goals?

DB: “To be a state cop.”