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2016-2017 Staff

Mya Romano

Staff Writer

Mya Romano is in 10th grade and this is her first year in Eagle Eye. Mya is not your typical housewife that only reads “The Selection Series,” and bakes brownies. This sophomore is a real team player when it comes to cheer leading and track. Mya joined Eagle Eye this year to become a better writer but that's not her only goal for school. Her future plans are to go to college to become an engin...

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Austin Taylor

Staff Videographer

Austin Taylor

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Jamie Lynch

Staff Photographer

This is Jamie Lynch’s first year on the Eagle Eye News staff. She is in her Junior year and is also involved in the Youth Action Network, Student Council, FFA, and the girls softball team. Jamie loves photography and would like to pursue photographic arts as a career. Jamie is an avid adventurer and long boarder. Jamie joined the Eagle Eye because she is interested in photography and journalism. ...

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Jonathan Clifton

Staff Writer

Junior Jonathan Clifton is a rookie on the Eagle Eye staff. Outside of school Jon participates in cross country, mock trial, ski club, track, and YAN. Some other hobbies that Jon enjoys are watching movies and eating. Jon’s reason for joining Eagle Eye is to make a difference in what the paper publishes. He would like to write mostly editorials, features or reviews. Jon’s plans after high school are to...

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Matt Davis

Staff Writer

Junior Matt Davis is in his first year of Eagle Eye. When he's not playing football,  Matt enjoys not lifting, not running, and not taking pictures in his spare time.  I'm not hard worker and not a good student, Matt hopes to not contribute to the Eagle Eye by not taking sports photos and not writing anything relating to basketball and football. His plans after high school are to not  go to college and ...

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Brianna Foy

Staff Writer

Freshman Brianna Foy is brand new to the Eagle Eye staff this year. She enjoys being on the Lady Eagle volleyball team where she plays both left and right side. In her free time she like to cook and eat. Her favorite foods include steak, mac and cheese, brownies and ice cream. Bri also enjoys gymnastics given that she competed for 7 years before she started volleyball. Netflix is a must, especia...

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Olivia Watson

Staff Writer

Sophomore and first year Eagle Eye reporter Olivia Watson is a very understanding person and a great student at Tyrone. Olivia is involved with the Junior Varsity Cheerleading squad. She also enjoys photography in her free time. She thought the Eagle Eye would be a good experience and joined to meet new friends and help the school out. Olivia wants to write feature stories and take pictures at so...

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Haylee Blowers

Staff Writer

Staff writer sophomore Haylee Blowers is in her first year as a part of the Eagle Eye team. Haylee is a cheerleader on Tyrone’s finest varsity cheerleading squad. She’s also considering taking part in ski club this year to snowboard. Outside of school Haylee likes to hangout with her close friends Laura, Jenna, Taylor and her boyfriend Rid. Haylee attends most of Tyrone’s sporting events becau...

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Seth Parker

Staff Writer

Sophomore Seth Parker is in his first year with the Eagle Eye News.  He is trying to get more involved in the school by writing and interviewing interesting people and activities in the school. Seth is already involved in National Honors Society and Ski Club.  He also enjoys gaming, solving Rubik's cubes, and sleeping. This spunky sophomore plans to go to college after high school and get a d...

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Jayden Graham

Staff Writer

Sophomore Jayden Graham is a first year Eagle Eye staff member. In addition to Eagle Eye, she is involved in Aveidum, Principal’s Committee, Student Council, and track where she competes in long jump and javelin. Outside of school, Jayden dabbles in painting, hangs out with friends, and enjoys going on adventures. Her goal  as part of the Tyrone Eagle Eye News is to write articles that allow...

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Lauren Taylor

Staff Writer

This is sophomore Lauren Taylor's first year on the Eagle Eye staff. During the school year, Lauren enjoys playing on the soccer team, and ski club. Outside of school you’ll see Lauren hanging out with her friends, at sporting events, and shopping at the mall. She decided to join Eagle Eye because she wanted to be apart of its positivity. Lauren has many interests in Eagle Eye, she would like to write abou...

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Taylor Hoover

Features Editor

Reading and writing are a big part of the reason senior Taylor Hoover decided to join the Eagle Eye staff team for the first time. She is ready to tackle the job of Features Editor this year. She is very excited to write book reviews, interview Artists of the Month, and take sports photos. Over the summer, Taylor worked as a lifeguard at Delgrosso’s Park. This will be Taylor’s fourth and fina...

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Caden Brooks

Staff Videographer

Sophomore Caden Brooks is in his first year as a Channel T team member. He enjoys baseball where he plays outfield for the Golden Eagles. Caden has been playing baseball for 10 years. When Caden is not on the baseball field he enjoys playing video games, ping pong, and hanging out with friends. Even though Caden is not involved in a ton of extra curricular activities he is still a busy man. He enjoys...

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Ava McCracken

staff writer

Sophomore Ava McCracken is a first year staff member for the Eagle Eye News. Ava participates in track, where she does long jump and triple jump. Her hobbies include playing the piano and reading. Her favorite author is Brian Selznik. She chose to join the Eagle Eye staff because she likes taking pictures and is eager to write about sports, clubs, and athlete of the week. Ava’s plans after high...

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Bryce Bauer

Staff Videographer

Bryce Bauer is a Junior at TAHS and is a first year member of the Eagle Eye staff. Bryce is a member of the football, swimming, and track and field teams and is also in ski club. He decided to join the Eagle Eye because he enjoys writing sports stories and wanted to become a better writer and video editor. Bryce’s favorite hobbies outside of school are watching sports such as football and ice hockey, ...

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Julia Raysor

Staff Writer

Julia Raysor is a Senior at TAHS. She has been a part of the Eagle Eye since she moved to TAHS last year. She attended film school in New York City. At her old school she enjoyed film making and the photography club. She was also involved in modeling. Some of her hobbies include photography, film making, shopping and traveling. She likes to spend her free time watching old Disney movies. In the futur...

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Sarah Meyer

Staff Writer

Sarah Meyer is currently a sophomore of Tyrone High. This will be her first year as an Eagle Eye staff writer and she is very excited to get started. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, writing, drawing, and make her own clothing through up cycling and fresh fabric. She is also actively involved in National Honors Society and plans on being a part of Student Council and Speech Team for the 2016-2017 y...

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Gage Light

Staff Videographer

This is senior Gage Light’s last year at TAHS, but his first year as a videographer  here on Channel T. He chose this position because he wanted to learn more about video editing. In Eagle Eye, Gage is looking forward to writing about sports and the outdoors. Outside of school he enjoys outdoor hobbies like hunting and fishing, as well as coaching sports and playing ping pong. Other extracurricula...

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Jake Meredith

Sports Editor

Sports Editor Jake Meredith is a junior at Tyrone Area High school. This is his first year on thee Eagle Eye staff. Jake is a part of many extracurricular activities, including football, tennis, student council, basketball and track. During his free time, he likes to relax by lying on his floor. He also likes to sit by the pool and play Xbox. He joined the Eagle Eye class because he likes Mr. Cammarata. Ja...

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Emily Fusco

Social Media Director

Social Media Director Emily Fusco is a new addition to the Eagle Eye staff. She chose to join Eagle Eye so she could take photos at sporting events and write about pep rallies, the Christmas Assembly, and other school events. Emily is a hitter on the volleyball team, and is going to be on the track team in the spring. Her other hobbies include painting her nails, watching Netflix, and shopping. Her pl...

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Andrew Sherren

Staff Writer

Andrew Sherren is a junior at Tyrone Area High School. Andrew is a also a returning veteran of the highly prestigious Tyrone Boys Varsity Soccer Team. Andrew also plays tennis for the school and is  an avid ping pong player. He claims to have the nastiest serve on the east coast. This is Andrew’s rookie year here with the Eagle Eye staff, but he looks to make a big impact right off the bat. “I ...

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AJ Grassi

Editor in Chief

Eagle Eye Editor in Chief A.J. Grassi is a second year veteran of the Eagle Eye/Channel T video production class. AJ is very involved with school as he participates in many activities, including football, track, and tennis. But sports aren’t AJ's only hobby. In his free time he likes to work on miniature models of vehicles ranging from cars to rockets. He is also a Boy Scout and is currently...

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Nathan Hormell

Video Editor

Nathan Hormell considers himself to be the most important part of the Channel T video production staff. He's been in Eagle Eye crew for as long as he can remember, which at this point is a pretty long time considering he's  a senior. Nathan has no idea why hes has stuck around this long outside of the fact that the Tyrone Eagle Eye produces the best videos and stories on this side of the Missis...

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Griffin Gantt

Staff Videographer

Griffin Gantt is in his second year as a member of the Channel T video production staff.  He joined this class because a teacher told him that he would be good at it.  He likes food, video games and activities like baseball, basketball, riding skateboards and bikes.  He likes to play video games.  Some of my favorites are Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto and also likes YouTubing...

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Cheyenne Weaver

Staff Writer 10

Cheyenne Weaver is a Junior at TAHS and this is her second year on the Eagle Eye staff. Cheyenne is a member of National Honors Society as well as POPs Extension. She is also a dancer at Dance Fusion. Cheyenne loves dogs, photography, make-up, writing, reading and travel. She is back on the Eagle Eye staff because she wants her stories to have an impact while she writes about topics she’s interes...

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Toni Burns

News Editor

Laid back and easy going describe senior Toni Burns. In her third and final year in Eagle Eye, Toni hopes to make a lasting impact on the group. Toni enjoys Eagle Eye because she believes it develops skills needed in everyday life. While participating in extracurricular activities such as YAN, this devoted senior still makes time to specially cover middle and elementary school events. After high school To...

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Derek Wilson

staff writer 10

Derek Wilson is a Junior and this is his second year in the Eagle Eye. He joined Eagle Eye to help with the band stories when Seniors graduated and to become a better writer.He is also a member of the marching, concert,and jazz band and plays the trumpet. Derek is also involved in roller hockey outside of school and enjoys watching sports such as ice hockey and football. Derek also enjoys fishing an...

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Zack Webster

Photo Editor

Junior Zack Webster is in his third year on the Eagle Eye staff. He also runs cross country, and competes in discus and pole vault for the Tyrone track team. He also is a part of the Mock Trial, Ski Club, and the yearly school play. Outside of school he enjoys modifying Nerf guns and solving Rubik’s cubes. While he originally joined Eagle Eye to expand his writing skills, this year he also ho...

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Noel Politza

Sports Editor

Sports Editor Noel Politza is a second year Eagle Eye staff member. He is an 11th grade athlete in basketball and track. In basketball he is a wing/big man, and he is a long distance runner in track. He is also a member of Student Council. In his free time he likes to watch Netflix, play video games, work out, and eat all types of food, like his favorite, chicken Parmesan. His favorite movie is Django U...

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Brandon Kemp

Staff Writer

Junior Brandon Kemp is going into his second year on the Eagle Eye staff. Brandon is also a part of the Tyrone varsity football team. Outside of this wonderful school Brandon enjoys following sports and playing Madden. When asked about why he chose to take this rad class he said, “It’s an easy grade.” This year readers will be seeing Kemp’s name popping up in the sports section with maybe a...

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Asher Christine

Staff Writer

Asher Christine is a junior at Tyrone Area High School and this is his second year as an Eagle Eye staff member. Asher is also a returning veteran of the highly prestigious Tyrone Boys Varsity Soccer team. His hobbies and interests outside of school are watching sports and playing PS4. The main reason he rejoined the Eagle Eye staff was to write about sports and because his best mate Brandon Kemp als...

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Morgan Bridges

Social Media Director

Junior Morgan Bridges is a three year Eagle Eye veteran. This year she is the Eagle Eye's Social Media Director.  She is involved in Mock Trial, Student Council, National Honors Society, Renaissance Club, and the school musical. This summer, she worked as a lifeguard at DelGrosso's Amusement Park and Laguna Splash. Her interests include traveling, dogs, writing, photography, shopping, Pokemon hun...

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Jarron Bower

Staff Videographer

Junior Jarron Bower is coming back for his second year on the Eagle Eye Eye/Channel T video production staff. His love of singing keeps him anchored in the high school concert choir but his true passion lies within the gaming world. Jarron enjoys First Person Warfare Simulations (FPWS), which he records and edits to post to his YouTube channel. If you’re lucky you may catch him doing a live stream o...

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Jaylon Beck

News Editor

As a second year Eagle Eye staff member and first year News Editor, junior Jaylon Beck seeks to expand Tyrone’s knowledge of their own FFA chapter. Beck is fond of the outdoors, horse riding, caring for animals, and of course, FFA. Beck’s role in FFA as a reporter requires her to be able to accept responsibility, and lead by example. She will also be able to write stories and take photos for Ty...

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Hannah Gampe

Staff Writer

Sophomore Hannah Gampe is in her second year as a member of the Eagle Eye staff. During her first year on the Eagle Eye staff, Hannah was a sports writer for the varsity swim team. She is an active member of her school by competing as a member of the swim team, as a member of National Honors Society, and a member of Concert Choir. Hannah also plans to join the Youth Action Network (YAN) and take pa...

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Cassie Friday

Staff Writer

Cassie Friday has to be one of the busiest seniors at Tyrone High School. She is involved with cheerleading, both at TAHS & All Stars, track, cross country, YAN, Student Council, National Honors Society and Aevidum. In her free time (when she has any) Cassie enjoys going for runs with her dog, listening to music, playing video games and watching Netflix. After high school, she hopes to atten...

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The voice of the Tyrone Area High School